Transaction consulting services, tax optimisation

Transaction consulting services, tax optimisation

The way companies manage their capital is crucial to their growth and future. The specialists from Optimum International Tax Experts will help you to make, better and more consciously, strategic transactional and tax optimisation decisions in a rapidly changing world.

Optimum Tax Office provides transaction consulting services to both professional and financial investors. We support our clients throughout the process: from the moment they seek an investment goal or an investor to the moment they close the deal. We also assist in business sales and integration. We make sure that the processes are carried out efficiently for both the buying and the selling party. In legal matters, we cooperate with the experts from the Tywoniuk & Partners Legal Firm.


As part of the transaction consulting service you can expect:

  • due diligence – a detailed analysis of the entity in terms of all tax and legal aspects,
  • consulting services on the sale of an enterprise,
  • consulting services on the purchase of an enterprise,
  • consulting services on winning an investor,
  • consulting services on integration in the transaction process,
  • consulting services on management buy-outs of enterprises.


In the process of making transactional decisions, we pay special attention to:

  • tax and legal conditions,
  • the financial specific features of enterprises,
  • local market conditions,
  • the potential risks involved in each transaction.


By taking advantage of the opportunities offered by tax regulations, entrepreneurs can pay lower taxes legally. Tax optimisation allows to reduce the tax burden, leading to the improvement of the financial result of the company.

Optimisation should be carried out starting from developing a sound financial analysis. It is used to create a tax strategy that legally minimises the burden on your business.



  • minimising financial burden,
  • improvement of your company's bottom line,
  • ensuring certainty in the area of bookkeeping and tax activities,
  • time savings.