Preparation of payrolls, social security declarations, calculation of salaries

Every enterprise employing employees must draw up payrolls, prepare social security declarations and calculate salaries.  Don't risk and let experts from the Optimum Tax Office do the paperwork.  We have rich experience in HR and payroll services.

Payrolls are important accounting documents, which confirm the calculation of salaries for employees, together with the compulsory financial contributions paid by both the employee and the employer.  They should include the name of the employer, the name or designation of the payroll for the period concerned, the date on which the payroll was drawn up and the salary was paid, the names of the employees and all components of remuneration.

We offer a full range of payroll services, which include, but are not limited to:

  • a comprehensive process of salary calculation and personal files handling,
  • recording the HR data in the personnel and salary calculation system,
  • payroll calculation for various types of employment systems, including employment of foreigners,
  • calculation of social security and health insurance contributions and advance payments,
  • calculating bills from civil law contracts,
  • calculating income tax on individuals,
  • calculating payrolls and preparing salary banking transfers,
  • calculation of sick pay, holiday pay, compensation for unused leave and severance pay,
  • preparing declarations and reports for the needs of Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Revenue Office (US), Central Statistic Office (GUS) and National Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON),
  • preparing payments for Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Revenue Office (US) and National Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON),
  • preparing  PIT 11/40 annual statements.


  • cost reduction,
  • performing your tasks in a more timely manner,
  • increased productivity of employees,
  • improvement of the quality of entrusted tasks,
  • access to specialists,
  • access to (structured) data,
  • professional IT solutions,
  • security of data processing and storage,
  • quality assurance and assumption of full responsibility for the activities entrusted.