Auditing employee documents

We audit and develop templates of employee documents, safe for employers. We propose solutions and provisions that ensure compliance with labour law and adequately protect the interests of employers.

The audit of employee documentation, carried out by our Optimum Tax Office, covers the following issues:

  • personnel files,
  • work time recording,
  • signing job contracts,
  • non-competition agreements,
  • protection of women's labour,
  • modification of employment terms,
  • certificates of employment preparation,
  • financial and other liability of employees.

The purpose of the audit is to analyse the documents necessary to assess the compliance with the provisions of the labour law, with particular emphasis on personal files. As a result, the Client receives a written report allowing for the implementation of appropriate changes and solutions. Each audit is prepared on individual basis.  That is why its elements can be matched to the needs of Clients and their company.

Persons interested in the employee documentation audit proposal are welcome to contact us. Our experts from Optimum Tax Office will be happy to answer any questions you may have.