Services for enterprise acquisition and valuation

Valuation of a company consists in issuing an opinion on the value of the company in accordance with the methods and procedures necessary to determine its value in an impartial and reliable way. Whole companies, securities and intangible and legal assets, such as patents and trademarks, are subject to it.

The selection of appropriate research methods and tools depends on the objectives of the valuation process. As experts in our industry, we have many years of experience in this field. The clients of our Tax Office are both small Polish companies and corporations with a global reach. While performing the valuation of your company, we will make a thorough analysis of the current financial situation and prospects for its development. We will take into account the market environment and other intangible assets which are of key importance in the valuation process.

In what situations should a company's valuation be carried out?

  • at the time of the transaction: the purchase or sale of the business,
  • in the event of a merger or split of enterprises,
  • in the event of a change in the legal form of enterprises,
  • for tax or capital restructuring purposes,
  • to verify a company's creditworthiness,
  • in order to verify the data included in the financial statements of the entity (test for impairment),
  • in case of conflict between partners and litigations,
  • to determine the value of the assets held by investment funds,
  • in the situation of arrangement, bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings.

The team of tax and accounting experts from Optimum, together with lawyers from Tywoniuk & Partners Legal Firm, provides advice to investors before taking strategic decisions, such as the acquisition of a business. Planning to acquire a business? Make a consultation appointment with specialists from Optimum International Tax Experts.