Preparing business plans

The basic task of the business plan is to determine the profitability of the project together with the estimation of initial costs, and in the case of an existing company, to set new objectives, measure its effectiveness and track its growth. A good business plan is also a necessary condition for obtaining funds for the planned investments.

A business plan is an enterprise's document containing a profitability assessment of a business undertaking. It is prepared for both external and internal needs of the company.

A well-prepared business plan contains a description of the objectives, taking into account the following existing conditions:

  • technology,
  • marketing,
  • market,
  • finance.

Typical elements that should be included in the business plan are as follows:

  • a summary of the project,
  • characteristic features of the enterprise,
  • the service or product description,
  • the marketing strategy description,
  • the financial plan,
  • the SWOT analysis.


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