Social cooperatives' accounting

A social cooperative is one of the forms of economic activity that combines the characteristics of a company with those of a non-governmental organisation. It is different from a business in that it prioritises social objectives over profit maximisation. Social cooperatives help people who, for various reasons, cannot cope with the labour market. As with any other entity conducting business activity, the social cooperative is also obliged to keep financial and accounting records in accordance with the Accounting Act – the so-called full accounting.

Due to the atypical structure of funds accumulated in social cooperatives' funds, their maintenance is different than in the businesses sector. Every three years, each social cooperative is subject to a process of vetting. Thanks to the support of professionals from Optimum Tax Experts Tax Office, you can be sure that the vetting process will be carried out without any reservations. We advise organisations on finance and accounting and thanks to close co-operation with Tywoniuk & Partners Legal Firm we offer also proven solutions in the legal field.