Preparation of reports ordered by the Client

At the clients’ request and in accordance with their expectations, we prepare the necessary financial statements and reports. We prepare analyses supporting making financial decisions: concerning sales, costs or financial liquidity of an enterprise.

The financial statements prepared by our Tax Office are an orderly presentation of the financial standing and financial results of the business entity.  The purpose of  financial statements is to provide information on financial position that is useful to a wider range of users when making economic decisions.

They are prepared at the end of the fiscal year or on another day of closing the books of accounts, which results from the tax law regulations.

A financial statement consists of:

  • the balance sheet,
  • the income statement,
  • additional information, including introduction to the report and additional explanations and information.

If a given entity has been entered into the National Court Register, it is obliged to submit its financial statements to the appropriate court register on an annual basis.

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