Full accounting (books of accounts)

In accordance with the Accounting Act of September 29, 1994, capital companies of commercial law and partnerships of commercial law are obliged to maintain full bookkeeping in the form of account books.

Moreover, full accounting is obligatory for civil law partnerships, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships  and natural persons conducting business activity, provided that their net revenues from the sale of goods, products and financial operations for the previous financial year amounted to at least the equivalent in the Polish currency of EUR 1,200,000 (Article 3, paragraph 3 of the Accounting Act).

Clients of Optimum International Tax Experts Tax Office are guaranteed a reliable and clear bookkeeping as regards the books of accounts in accordance with the requirements of the aforementioned Act. 

The full accounting service includes:

  • developing an accounting policy for the company,
  • keeping books for companies,
  • verification of documents in formal and accounting terms,
  • keeping permanent records of fixed, intangible and legal assets,
  • developing the chart of accounts,
  • vehicles’ mileage record,
  • audit of books of accounts and correction of errors,
  • books of accounts audit and correction of errors,
  • calculation of the amount of income tax advances,
  • records for VAT purposes,
  • settlement of transactions,
  • drawing up VAT returns (VAT-7, VAT- 7K, VAT-UE),
  • drawing up the information in the form of a uniform control file  (JPK),
  • preparation of statistical statements (Intrastat),
  • preparing statements for the Central Statistic Office and the National Bank of Poland,
  • preparation of separate or consolidated financial reports,
  • closing the accounts at the end of the fiscal year,
  • creating financial statements.