Bookkeeping as service

Bookkeeping as service consists in providing services in the name and on behalf of taxpayers, payers and debt collectors in the following areas:

  • the tax book of incomes and expenditures, lump sum tax,
  • bookkeeping, which includes entries of events in chronological and systematic order,
  • periodical determination or verification of the actual state of assets and liabilities,
  • valuation of assets and liabilities and determination of the bottom line,
  • preparing financial statements,
  • collecting and storing accounting and other documentation provided for by Act,
  • audit and publication of financial statements in cases provided for by the Accounting Act.


When selecting an entity providing bookkeeping services, attention should be paid to its reliability and experience. The meticulousness, transparency and timeliness of bookkeeping determine the shape of final reports on which the key financial decisions of a company are based. This approach will eliminate unnecessary risks and allow your business to grow dynamically.  Optimum International Tax Experts Tax Office offers its Clients the bookkeeping service, accounting services for associations and foundations, accounting for social co-operatives, the tax book of incomes and expenditures and a lump sum tax. We prepare periodical reports, reports on behalf of the Clients and represent them during all inspections.


  • quality assurance and assumption of full responsibility for the activities entrusted,
  • best quality of services provided,
  • access to specialists and professional accounting and legal advice,
  • performing your tasks in a more timely manner,
  • cost reduction,
  • improvement of the quality of entrusted tasks,
  • security of data processing and storage.