Auditing financial statements

The scope of entities obliged to audit the annual financial statements was specified in detail in the Accounting Act. The audit of financial statements provides assurance that the document meets appropriate legal and quality requirements, which means that it is not misleading, falsified or incomplete. The financial statements should disclose all relevant information in order to be useful to the recipients.

Optimum International Tax Experts Tax Office provides competent audit services to fulfil the obligations imposed by the lawmaker. We focus on meticulousness and reliability when auditing our financial statements, thanks to which our clients can be sure that the report resulting from the statement presents the actual situation of the company in a transparent manner.

Our services include:

  • audit of individual and consolidated financial statements,
  • reviews of financial statements and accounting books,
  • audit of projects co-financed by the European Union,
  • auditing financial statements due to liquidation and bankruptcy,
  • diagnosis of the accounting system.